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After I have finished this step, I would either let my workshop group read it and let them provide me with suggestions or take it to the writing center if I absolutely needed the guidance.

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Maintains interest in current theory, research, and developments in the academic discipline and exercises judgment in accepting implications or findings as valid for application in classroom practice.

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Portfolios show your creative or professional talents in a way that is far more extensive and elaborate than a résumé offers. Did this assignment for examples. Young girl is for example it is. Otherwise, you more or less have free reign. What is an introduction?

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    As an expression of appreciation Gordon College offers two options for compensation: Option I: Gordon College contributes a sum of money to a cooperating school system for each teacher candidate it places in the system.

    Encourage teacher candidates to develop a Christian philosophy of education that reflects a life of service to God and to others. Are the materials needed for activities ready for distribution and is the candidate organized in transitioning between activities? Last name, First name.

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